Around town and beach.

by cpdaghlian

We have a relaxed schedule. Get up and go for a walk and swim, return and shower, eat breakfast, relax. Then around noon or a little after, to be on the safe side, we go to the house to see if anyone is awake. In the picture the house is the one with the grey window, over the walk. The steps just before the motor bike  go up to the second floor.


If the door is open, we visit for a while. If not, we wander around town. Many small streets and many shops. Where is Barb? Where is the Paros Fish Therapy shop? Fish eat the dead skin on your feet or hands.


Between three and four we head  over to Martselo beach on the water taxi. We all have a great time.


Emmett arrives tonight. Monday we go on the Captain Ben’s boat ride around Antiparos. Fun for all.