Captain Ben, etc.

by cpdaghlian

It has come to my attention that not all readers of this fine blog are happy with the frequency of updates. Might I point out that we are, in fact, on vacation. When push comes to shove, blog postings are a distant second to almost everything else. On the other hand, I do want you to all know what we have been up to, so, to the posting.

If you visit Paros you should consider staying at the Argonauta Hotel. Here is the main desk.


We have been spending a lot of time at the beach. It usually involves a short boat ride across the bay, laps for some, splashing around for others. You have seen beach photos, so I’ll spare you another.

There is a nice produce market in a building near the ancient cemetery along the waterfront. Barb makes stops to stock up on cashews, since one can never have too many cashews, apparently. They also have lovely veggies of various kinds. Too bad we are not cooking for ourselves.


Barb, by the way, has been using her Greek with good results. She can manage in stores and even engage in light conversation. Amazing to this dedicated monoglot.

Monday was Captain Ben ‘s boat ride around Antiparos. As usual, we reserved the front of the boat.



The first stop was here on Google maps. Not a bad spot. Small church up top, in case anyone needed to pray. A surprisingly large number of participants needed to make a visit.


We had a lovely lunch on Despotiko, little island off the tip of Antiparos. There is a  deep inlet with a nice beach where all the tour boats stop.


Then on to more lovely swimming spots. This is one of the stone arches through which one can swim. At each stop many plastic noodles were tossed overboard so no one would have any trouble staying afloat.


We then cruised around Antiparos to the Blue Lagoon, which is blue. Below is a wavy panorama. Wavy  due to the rocking of the boat and the unsteady hand of the photographer after several glasses of wine.



Then back to Paros, and the bus from Pounda to Parikia, hardly photo-worthy.

There have been many sunsets, each nicer than the last.


Barb and I make our way along the path to Krios beach each morning where she swims a few laps. The path is high and rocky.


That is Parikia in the distance.

We are here only until Saturday when we leave with Emmett. I’ll try to get in at least one more post before we go.