If dogs run free…

why not me?

We’re still here.

When we first came to Paros twenty-one years ago, there were many stray dogs and cats. Today there are very few. This guy, resting on the beach one early morning, is one of the last of his ilk.


There was a program to capture and neuter/spay as many dogs  as possible. The collar indicates he is a pet, not  a stray. one of the altered ones. It appears to have done the trick without having to slaughter the poor beasts. I assume the same program is responsible for the low number of stray cats, although I have seen a number skulking through the weeds.

It has been windy for a good part of this visit. That killed the Cap’n Ben boat trip last week, and appears to be doing the same this week. On the other hand, the winds kick up nice waves at Parasporos beach, where the beach is exposed to the northerly winds that whip down from the continent. Here is a wide view of the beach.


That is our little group under the shade trees. Most of the bathing was done near the center of the beach to avoid the rip current at this end. It tends to dash you against the rocks.

Near sunset most evening there is a crowd gathered at the castro. Here they are viewed from street level on the paralia.


Back at Caminia beach, a lot of time is spent under the shade of the few trees. That is Loukas on the right giving you the look.


No trip to Paros would be complete without Emmett and some of the others demonstrating their cliff jumping skills. Here is Emmett going off the higher cliff, followed by the more manageable one a bit up the coast.




There are many beautiful sunsets, like this one from the other evening.


We have yet to spot Dr. Evil’s boat this year, but I did see this sweet Citroen sitting low by the curb the other day. I assume the hydraulic  suspension was in low setting while parked.


Finally, the reason there is a holiday on Paros (and elsewhere in Greece) is that August 15 is the feast of the Dormition of the Virgin, also know as Assumption of Mary into heaven. This is about all of the parade of the icon through the streets that I could see. The icon itself went by rather quickly.


The picture shows a glimpse of the naval band that came to Paros for the occasion. The truly devout were waiting in church, not on the streets.


A week away.

We’ve been here about a week, and have settled into the usual routine. Get up and wait for Barb to return from walk. Walk together to Krios beach where Barb takes a swim. Return to Argonauta Hotel for breakfast with Lib, Dennis and Chloe-Rose. Go visit Effie et al. at the house. Relax until time to go to the beach. This is to be distinguished from other routines that involve sleeping to the crack-of-noon, or later, eating, swimming, staying up half the night, or more.


Here is a beach scene with our man in Beirut on the left. One beach activity that never gets old for some is to jump off cliffs into a roiling sea. Here Emmett shows how it is done.


Chloe-Rose seems to like the beach as much as her parents do. Good thing, since we go there every day.


We also spend a fair amount of time at the hotel reading and dozing on the patio. Who can blame us in such a serene setting?


The Cap’n Ben trip was canceled due to high winds. I did, however, find this nice example of a sand lily (Pancratium maritimum) at the beach.


Interesting things at the beach.

We went to the beach yesterday and saw these. We may see more.


Libby, Dennis and Chloe-Rose arrived on the boat not long ago. All are smiling and happy to be here. Here she is resting on the bed after along journey. Soon to the beach.

FullSizeRender 2

Back on the island.

We arrived on Paros Friday by air. The charm of the ferry ride was replaced with the ease of flight. A local bus was waiting at the airport, and we made it to the hotel in short order. We’re still adjusting to the time change, but such suffering must be endured.

Libby, Dennis and Chloe-Rose arrive this morning. It will be great to see them.

It has been windy and a bit cloudy.

cloudy sunset

One more thing…

I failed to mention that we spotted Dr. Evil’s yacht, the Ocean Pearl:


It turns out this boat is available for rent by the week. A miserly 113,000 to 128,000 Euros per week and it is ours. It sleeps 12, has a crew of 8. Did I mention it is a luxury yacht? Go to  Superyachts.com and search for Ocean Pearl. Maybe next year?

Captain Ben, etc.

It has come to my attention that not all readers of this fine blog are happy with the frequency of updates. Might I point out that we are, in fact, on vacation. When push comes to shove, blog postings are a distant second to almost everything else. On the other hand, I do want you to all know what we have been up to, so, to the posting.

If you visit Paros you should consider staying at the Argonauta Hotel. Here is the main desk.


We have been spending a lot of time at the beach. It usually involves a short boat ride across the bay, laps for some, splashing around for others. You have seen beach photos, so I’ll spare you another.

There is a nice produce market in a building near the ancient cemetery along the waterfront. Barb makes stops to stock up on cashews, since one can never have too many cashews, apparently. They also have lovely veggies of various kinds. Too bad we are not cooking for ourselves.


Barb, by the way, has been using her Greek with good results. She can manage in stores and even engage in light conversation. Amazing to this dedicated monoglot.

Monday was Captain Ben ‘s boat ride around Antiparos. As usual, we reserved the front of the boat.



The first stop was here on Google maps. Not a bad spot. Small church up top, in case anyone needed to pray. A surprisingly large number of participants needed to make a visit.


We had a lovely lunch on Despotiko, little island off the tip of Antiparos. There is a  deep inlet with a nice beach where all the tour boats stop.


Then on to more lovely swimming spots. This is one of the stone arches through which one can swim. At each stop many plastic noodles were tossed overboard so no one would have any trouble staying afloat.


We then cruised around Antiparos to the Blue Lagoon, which is blue. Below is a wavy panorama. Wavy  due to the rocking of the boat and the unsteady hand of the photographer after several glasses of wine.



Then back to Paros, and the bus from Pounda to Parikia, hardly photo-worthy.

There have been many sunsets, each nicer than the last.


Barb and I make our way along the path to Krios beach each morning where she swims a few laps. The path is high and rocky.


That is Parikia in the distance.

We are here only until Saturday when we leave with Emmett. I’ll try to get in at least one more post before we go.

Around town and beach.

We have a relaxed schedule. Get up and go for a walk and swim, return and shower, eat breakfast, relax. Then around noon or a little after, to be on the safe side, we go to the house to see if anyone is awake. In the picture the house is the one with the grey window, over the walk. The steps just before the motor bike  go up to the second floor.


If the door is open, we visit for a while. If not, we wander around town. Many small streets and many shops. Where is Barb? Where is the Paros Fish Therapy shop? Fish eat the dead skin on your feet or hands.


Between three and four we head  over to Martselo beach on the water taxi. We all have a great time.


Emmett arrives tonight. Monday we go on the Captain Ben’s boat ride around Antiparos. Fun for all.